• Ich Tanz Mit Fraeulein Dolly Swing

    Corny Ostermann & sein Tonfilmorchester

  • Cuban Pete

    Mora's Modern Rhythmists

  • Caviar And Chitlins

    The Atomic Fireballs

  • Shout, Shout, Shout

    The Hot Swing Machine

  • Beer Barrel Polka

    The Pasadena Roof Orchestra feat. The Swing Sisters

  • Mr. Zoot Suit (Mad Dawg Rex)

    Ingrid Lucia and The Flying Neutrinos

  • San Francisco (Instrumental)

    John Abriani And His Orchestra

  • Perpetual Bachelor

    Jet Set Six

  • Bechstein Stomp

    Ray Collins’ Hot-Club

  • Gonna Go Fishin' (Instrumental)

    @ Si Zentner and His Orchestra