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Radio Christmas began in 2008 based on a previous radio project called Christmas Cracker. The charity behind Radio Christmas is STREET KIDS DIRECT and the charity guarantees that 100% of all its donations go DIRECTLY to the projects they are supporting in Latin America. Both the charity and Radio Christmas was founded by Duncan Dyason, a youth worker, who has a passion for reaching children and young people on the margins of society. The studio was built in the outdoor music room of the Curson's house in Amersham and when we went 'ON AIR' at 6am on the 1st December 2008. We had very few people involved in the project and only a limited number of radio presenters and technical operators. By the end of the first week we had a tremendous response from local people who embraced the concept and signed up to help. The radio station became a very special part of our community's celebration of Christmas.