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Rock Fm 89.2 Limassol ‘’Light Rock Less Talk’’ Limassol, a town with a strong, overwhelming, personality. A town that combines the easy going summer feeling of Paphos with the strong social life of Nicosia and the constant artistic mode Limassol is on. Having in mind that this mode spreads on every aspect of Limassol’s everyday life, spicing it up, you can easily understand that Rock FM not only has to be part of it, but to be the main provider of the day’s soundtrack and also news on any interesting event in town. With the guarantee of the 15 years of experience and its hunger for new challenges, Rock FM is launching a brand new schedule format specially for Rock Fm 89.2 Limassol with our new motto «Light Rock Less Talk» leading the way as we believe is the best: few words, loads of great music!