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Since 1982, WUTK 90.3 has supplied Knoxville with the newest music first! Modern rock, Americana, Hip-Hop, EDM and other electronic music, classic alternatives, world music, and lots of local flavor can be heard every day. WUTK 90.3 has amazing specialty shows featuring everything from heavy metal to old school funk! Throw in Rock Solid Sports, WUTK News, Rocky Top Round Up, Local's Only, Knox Centric, and you have the radio station Knoxville has voted the BEST for the last 12 years! WUTK is a non-profit, self-supporting radio station -- we graciously accept listener donations! Underwriting sponsorships are also available if you want the rest of the world to know that your business supports UT Students and Volunteer Radio 90.3 The Rock. That's what keeps us on the air! Thank you for listening and GO VOLS!