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    Musique & web

    La rubrique Musique et Nouvelles technologies du mardi à 7h40 par Suzanne Gervais

  • Logo du podcast FrenchWeb: le debrief de la semaine

    FrenchWeb: le debrief de la semaine

    Chaque vendredi retrouvez les acteurs de l’innovation qui échangent avec Richard Menneveux pour découvrir les nouvelles tendances et décoder les meilleures pratiques business, marketing, tech, design

  • Logo du podcast Geocaching-Podcast Dosenfischer

    Geocaching-Podcast Dosenfischer

    Wir nennen es Dosenfischen

  • Logo du podcast Go and See

    Go and See

    Genchi Genbutsu is a Japanese philosophy that means “go and see for yourself.” Follow Malcolm Gladwell as he takes his car obsession to a new level, traveling to Japan to discover firsthand what makes the Lexus approach so unique. Brought to you by Lexus and Pushkin Industries.

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  • Logo du podcast HacíaFalta


    Hablamos sobre lo que podemos.

  • Logo du podcast heise Developer: SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast

    heise Developer: SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast

    Bekannte Softwareentwickler diskutieren über wichtige Softwarearchitekturthemen. Gehen Sie mit auf Tour und profitieren Sie von ihren Erfahrungen und Tipps.

  • Logo du podcast HOLLYWOOD 2.0 - THE VEGO SHOW


    The internet changed everything...welcome to Hollywood 2.0! The goal of this podcast is to compile a master class on the intricacies of the new entertainment business. Here you'll find panels, discussions, interviews, and candid audio moments from vlogs. Vego Pictures is a digital media company located in Los Angeles California that supports many of the major traditional media networks on their quest to dominate the digital space.

  • Logo du podcast Il Disinformatico

    Il Disinformatico

    Il Disinformatico

  • Logo du podcast How I Built It

    How I Built It

    In How I Built It, host Joe Casabona interviews product owners and developers to see how they built specific products, from idea to execution. Each week we will have a new guest on the show to talk about his or her process, launching, and evolving their business over time.

  • Logo du podcast iMore show

    iMore show

    For everything Apple and beyond. Learn more. Be more. iMore.

  • Logo du podcast [자가발전] 우주최초 외계어없는 IT팟캐스트

    [자가발전] 우주최초 외계어없는 IT팟캐스트

    우주최초 외계어없는 IT 팟캐스트 [자가발전]과, 이주의 발전을 소개하는 [이발소]로 매주 월요일과 금요일 여러분을 찾아갑니다.

  • Logo du podcast Kinda Funny Morning Show

    Kinda Funny Morning Show

    Watch live every weekday at 11AM PT Every weekday the Kinda Funny crew talk about all the nerdy things you need to know about. Featuring Greg MIller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino.

  • Logo du podcast Komando On Demand

    Komando On Demand

    Ever wonder how technology has transformed your life? In this entertaining and informative podcast, Kim Komando provides insight on the ever-changing tech issues and topics that are relevant to you. This free podcast featuring interviews that Kim conducts with experts in their field. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of topics such as the Dark Web, the life of digital nomads, staying focused on the road, what it takes to keep the lights on and so much more. Subscribe below to receive the podcast automatically, download to your computer or media player, or listen directly from this podcast page.

  • Logo du podcast La French Connection

    La French Connection

    Podcast international sur la sécurité et le hacking. Nouvelles et opinions du Québec et de l’Europe!

  • Logo du podcast Late Night Linux

    Late Night Linux

    Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what's happening with Linux and the wider tech industry. Every two weeks, Joe, Félim, Graham and Will discuss the latest news and releases, and the broader issues and trends in the world of free and open source software. Expect drinking, swearing, strong opinions and Will being told to shut up about Ubuntu.

  • Logo du podcast Le Journal du Futur

    Le Journal du Futur

    Martial You nous plonge dans la France de 2039. une aventure dans le futur pour comprendre comment nous allons vivre dans 20 ans et décrypter les changements qui nous attendent dans notre vie quotidienne à travers un personnage fictif.

  • Logo du podcast Le Panier

    Le Panier

    Le Panier, c’est le podcast qui part à la rencontre des entrepreneurs de l’e-commerce pour (re)cueillir bonnes pratiques et conseils concrets. Toutes les deux semaines, une conversation spontanée pour parler business, conversion, SEO, Amazon, logistique ou UX design. Incontournable pour quiconque veut se lancer dans la vente en ligne. Fièrement propulsé par CosaVostra.

  • Logo du podcast Ledger Cast —  Cryptocurrency, trading, and the blockchain ecosystem

    Ledger Cast — Cryptocurrency, trading, and the blockchain ecosystem

    Ledger Cast covers the cryptocurrency industry, including technical and trading analysis, fundamental analysis, and anything else crypto and blockchain related.

  • Logo du podcast Love Mi

    Love Mi

    El podcast donde hablamos de todo lo relacionado con la empresa china Xiaomi. Presentado por José Manuel Ramírez.