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  • Logo du podcast The Plant Path

    The Plant Path

    The Plant Path is a window into the world of the herbal medicine. With perspectives gleaned from traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Alchemy, Medical Astrology, and traditional cultures from around the world, The Plant Path provides unique insights, skills and strategies for the practice of true holistic herbalism. From clinical to spiritual perspectives, we don't just focus on what herbs are "good for," but rather who they are as intelligent beings, and how we can work with them to heal and consciously evolve.

  • Logo du podcast Sadhguru's Podcast

    Sadhguru's Podcast

    Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation is a yogi, mystic and spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that inner sciences are not esoteric philosophies from an outdated past, but a contemporary science vitally relevant to our times.

  • Logo du podcast Sleep with Silk: Soothing Voices

    Sleep with Silk: Soothing Voices

    Listen to soothing voices read literature, poetry and bedtime stories, share personal stories, or guide you towards relaxation and sleep.

  • Logo du podcast Vedanta and Yoga

    Vedanta and Yoga

    Lectures on Yoga and Vedanta given at the Boston Vedanta Society. Vedanta is one of the world's most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions. According to Vedanta, God is infinite existence, infinite consciousness, and infinite bliss. The term for this impersonal, transcendent reality is Brahman, the divine ground of being. Yet Vedanta also maintains that God can be personal as well, assuming human form in every age. Vedanta further asserts that the goal of human life is to realize and manifest our divinity. Not only is this possible, it is inevitable. Our real nature is divine; God-realization is our birthright. Finally, Vedanta affirms that all religions teach the same basic truths about God, the world, and our relationship to one another.

  • Logo du podcast Vedanta Cast

    Vedanta Cast

    Podcast by Jonas Masetti

  • Logo du podcast YOGA TALK POD


    Real People, Real Stories, Real Yoga.

  • Logo de la radio Good Health Radio

    Good Health Radio

    Australia’s dedicated web radio health information service

  • Logo du podcast ASMR Station

    ASMR Station

    🎬 Full Videos on Youtube: 📻 Download the Spreaker App: 🤑 Support The Radio: This show is about ASMR and relaxing sounds that will help you to relieve stress, anxiety and sleeping.

  • Logo du podcast Bouddhisme et méditation -

    Bouddhisme et méditation -

    Des lectures de textes bouddhistes, conférences sur la méditation zen et des outils pour la pratique du bouddhisme au quotidien ou les retraites spirituelles. Par Kankyo Tannier, nonne de la tradition zen soto, résidant dans un monastère des Vosges du Nord depuis 2001. Plus d'infos sur le site ( blog, photos et vidéos...).

  • Logo du podcast Comprendre et améliorer son sommeil

    Comprendre et améliorer son sommeil

    Comprendre les mécanismes du sommeil pour l'améliorer afin qu'il redevienne ce moment où notre corps se régénère.

  • Logo de la radio Witches Radio

    Witches Radio

    Witches Radio, Music for the Witches !

  • Logo du podcast Hay House Meditations

    Hay House Meditations

    Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit or to learn more.

  • Logo du podcast La Minute Yoga

    La Minute Yoga

    De courts enregistrements pour pratiquer le yoga, la méditation et la pleine conscience au quotidien

  • Logo du podcast Le podcast de Célia Lagrange - Méditation Easy

    Le podcast de Célia Lagrange - Méditation Easy

    Chaine dédiée au partage des bienfaits de la pratique de la méditation au quotidien. Commencez à méditer en 5 minutes par jour, retrouvez le programme gratuit :

  • Logo du podcast Les Bienveillantes

    Les Bienveillantes

    La Bienveillance envers autrui, envers notre corps, notre esprit, envers notre Planète sont au coeur de ce podcast imaginé par Victoire Antoun et Caroline Bindel. Laissez-vous guider ...

  • Logo du podcast Les méditations de Coelia

    Les méditations de Coelia

    Vous avez 5 minutes à vous accorder ? Alors cette série de podcast est faite pour vous. Chaque méditation ici sera basé sur un chakra (une énergie) en particulier. Il n'est jamais trop tard pour commencer à se détendre :)

  • Logo du podcast Medita Podcast

    Medita Podcast

    Medita Podcast es la forma más sencilla y cómoda de comenzar a meditar. Medita Podcast está diseñado para que experimentes diferentes tipos de técnicas y comiences a trabajar con tu mente. Meditar es observar, la manera más sencilla de meditar es observando tu respiración. Sin embargo hay muchas técnicas tanto activas como pasivas, las cuales tienen diferentes efectos en tu cuerpo y mente. Desde la primer meditación podrás darte cuenta de todos los beneficios que tiene meditar. Beneficios físicos como: Disminuye tu presión sanguínea, mejora notoriamente tu calidad de sueño, disminuye los dolores que se generan por la tensión como el dolor de cabeza, úlceras, insomnio, problemas musculares y de articulaciones, también mejora tu humor y comportamiento y fortalece tu sistema inmunológico [...]

  • Logo de la radio Positively Tai Chi

    Positively Tai Chi

    The World's First Tai Chi Radio Station.

  • Logo de la radio Positively Pilates

    Positively Pilates

    The best sounds to accompany your Pilates.

  • Logo du podcast Meditaciones con Mayra Cadengo

    Meditaciones con Mayra Cadengo

    Programa de meditaciones para relajar, sanar y fortalecer el cuerpo físico, equilibrar la mente e incrementar tu energía y estado de bien estar.